The challenges facing water and waste management companies include climate change, stricter environmental regulations, demanding citizens, aging infrastructure and technological disruption.

BearingPoint works closely with major utilities to turn these issues into opportunities by helping them optimize their operational processes and better address clients’ needs.

Our understanding of the context and current challenges for environment and resources management

The circular economy concept is high on the European Union’s political agenda and is the object of “Closing the Loop,” its ambitious action plan launched in December 2015. Cities worldwide recognize the concept as a key driver for environmental transformation thanks to its ability to simultaneously reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improve the security of the supply of raw materials and enable more energy. Municipalities, authorities and consumers expect a lot from utilities:

  • Implement solutions for transforming household and bio waste into energy, as well as recycling paper and plastic waste into new raw materials. Give wastewater a second life in order to preserve this precious resource.
  • Improve the efficiency of drinking water systems, implying being able to anticipate leakage risk better as well as detecting and repairing leaks and bursts quickly.
  • Offer new technologies and services that allow consumers to monitor their ecological footprint, e.g., when generating waste or consuming water.

Water and waste management firms, in particular, in cooperation with local authorities, play another vital role in developing smart cities. In addition to remote water consumption metering, utilities are developing solutions that provide new and high-value-added services to cities and their inhabitants. Waste collection on demand, air quality monitoring and purification and more efficient heat networks are a few examples.

How BearingPoint helps the clients’ transformation through five different Service Lines (People & Strategy, Customer & Growth, Finance & Risk, Operations, Technology)

At BearingPoint, we are convinced that digitalization enables utilities to transform their working methods for better business performance. Combined with innovation, it also helps them find new areas of growth. Our consultants support water and waste management companies in embracing the digital transformation journey. They work closely with them using technology to improve the customer experience, broaden the range of services offered to clients and set up 4.0 processes. They can also support utilities at every stage of their IoT projects, from design to implementation, and help them move from PoC to industrialization (digital twin, for example).

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