Technology markets move faster than the research and reports available about them. As such, investors need a strong strategic perspective to derive meaning from multi-faceted – and at times confusing – due diligence data sets. With BearingPoint Capital, Tech investors can enlist the advice of a peer with actual skin in the TMT investment game.

You may not know it but BearingPoint is a technology investor as well as a consultancy and over the years, some of the most successful investment firms and corporate development teams have come to entrust us with their diligence work to gain an insider’s opinion on the targets and markets they aim to vet.

As such, our buy-side and sell-side CDD teams bring to bear an ecosystem of BearingPoint industry experts and data solutions to equip our clients with deep and timely insights into the trends, markets, businesses and customer behaviours of interest.

CDD is vital in two respects in the price discovery process

  1. To diagnose the relative performance, strengths and weaknesses of a business in a given market.
  2. To lay the foundation for value enhancement during the holding period, via margin expansion, organic growth or bolt-on acquisitions

To that end, BearingPoint Capital’s approach is to systematically investigate both target and market with the two following lenses for strategic insight:

  1. Market structure and dynamics
  2. The target’s ability to compete for advantage

Our Commercial Due Diligence approach in detail

Outside-In Perspective:
Market Structure and Dynamics

Inside-Out Perspective:
Target’s Ability to Compete

  • Market Factbook (structure, size & growth projections, market segments, growth drivers and influence factors)
  • Competitor Analysis (market share distribution, financial performance benchmark, M&A activity, R&D expenditures, key hires and investment areas)
  • Voice of the Customer (Jobs to be done, evolving needs, key purchasing criteria, satisfaction score and feedback to provider)
  • Partners/Suppliers (Contribution to value created and dependency, structure of commercial arrangements, potential alternatives)
  • Management Team (Contribution to vision, to organisational effectiveness, to culture, and client value)
  • Financial Performance (Strategic foresight, forecast accuracy, growth levers and risks)
  • Market-facing capabilities
  • (Ability to generate competitive advantage through a scalable client-facing system of resources and processes across marketing, sales and customer success)
  • Technology capabilities (Ability to design and maintain a capability system able to design, operate and/or innovate the product/service proposition at speed in line with market needs and company vision)

Beyond a risk assessment exercise, the best investors envisage due diligence as a foundation for value enhancement, as such they routinely conduct deep customer and product/technology assessments pre-signing in order to identify the value potential of a business and unlock it through a targeted programme of strategic growth and optimisation initiatives.

Our clients value the breadth and depth of expertise we can mobilise to augment their deal times in a timely manner.

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