Our Cyber Due Diligence looks at both business and technology to surface the value erosion drivers, and to inform your asset valuation.

Businesses are more connected than ever before with cloud/SaaS, IoT, digitization and outsourcing, and that brings cyber risks into the core of business operations and hence deal value. The impact of a breach often spans across regulatory, commercial, operational and reputational damage. As a result, businesses can no longer afford to ignore Cyber Security risks, particularly in the deal lifecycle.

A combination of increasing punitive regulations and rapidly scaling threat vectors has brought cyber risk from being a technology issue, to board-level discussion – and a critical value driver in deals.

How we bring value

  • We determine where the value lies and what needs to be protected to mitigate risk related to the brand, operations, assets and regulations.
  • Our approach quickly establishes key risks to the business and to areas that require urgent remediation action to protect the company’s reputation, as well as its EBITDA.
  • Our teams are comprised of transaction experts who understand the role Cyber in business as well technologists with deep expertise in Cyber security – delivering a unique ‘business focused lens’ to Cyber.
  • We deliver value at pace and in a style familiar to our Private Equity clients and corporate deal teams.

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