We provide deep architectural and technological expertise to help PE firms in both buy- and sell-side processes.

BearingPoint Capital has completed over 1,500 technology due diligences and worked with some of the largest and most active M&A and tech investors in Europe and the United States. Our expert-led M&A approach and frameworks rely on several years of experience across different industries and our approach has been refined through the years to bring maximum value to our private equity and corporate customers.

We help our clients on both buy- and sell-sides

On the buy-side, we tailor our approach to ensure that the tech DD answers the needs of the client’s investment thesis. We look not only at code, but at the technology organization as a whole, including organizational setup, technology architecture, infrastructure, SDLC, security, disaster recovery and business continuity, service management and onboarding/offboarding.

We help our clients understand the value of the technology they are buying, rather than just the risks involved in buying it. Where specialist or niche industry knowledge is required, we leverage our sector and solid tech expertise from our wider consulting practice.

On the sell-side, we become a trusted partner to the sellers. We help them prepare for the process by taking them through a comprehensive VDD with “buy-side glasses on”.  We coach the senior management team on tricky questions they may face, and we help senior management identify risks that they can mitigate before the process even starts. That way, they can feel confident going into a process, even if they have relatively little experience of M&A themselves.

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