In our ultra-connected world, customers have the power to switch from one supplier to another in a split second. The result is an increasing level of customer expectations, not only about the offered products and services but also the delivered experience. The experience must be efficient, smart, omnichannel, seamless, personalized, surprising, and innovative!

Delivering “good” customer experience is not only a necessity, but it is also a business driver:

  • contributes to top-line growth: customers who rate a company as delivering “good” customer experience are 34% more likely to purchase more
  • offers a competitive advantage: customers who consider a company having “very good” customer service are 64% more likely to try new offerings

Our approach

To design game-changing customer experience, we bring together an ecosystem of experts: specialized teams, major technology partners, and innovative start-ups. They will propose a unique end-to-end approach, including:

  • Customer experience strategy co-creation – specialized designers and experts help you to turn your customer-facing activities into market differentiators
  • Customer-centric culture shift – capitalize on our international benchmarks and customer studies that will help you to adopt related governance and best practices
  • Customer experience operating model transformation – use our eight-dimensions maturity model to exceed market standards
  • Customer data leverage – implement a customer experience management platform to place the related insights at the heart of your decision process
  • Product information enhancement – implement a product experience management platform to help you enrich your omnichannel experience

Our services encompass key offers such as:

  • Customer experience strategy definition and associated customer experience cockpit implementation to pilot performance
  • Customer and employee journey transformation through service design methodologies
  • The voice of the customer analysis and integration into company governance and organization
  • Customer service transformation covering identification of new roles for contact centers and ways to transform them into profit centers
  • Product experience management scoping and setup and the implementation of related platforms

Impact expected value (qualitative/quantitative)

  • Development of turnover/loyalty based on customer and product experience differentiation
  • Growth coming from adequation of services/product offerings with customer base expectations
  • Alignment and involvement of the workforce thanks to employee experience programs
  • Significant cost reduction from the optimization of cost to serve
Muriel Monteiro

Delivering efficient and qualitative experiences pays off. We have measured the annual growth of Customer Experience leaders to be 5% higher than the average company (in turnover). To improve, businesses must integrate the Voice of the Customers in their governance and processes in an industrialized way and continuously fine-tune the balance between automatization and human-centered interactions as part of their omnichannel strategy.

Muriel Monteiro, BearingPoint Partner


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