The digital revolution has radically altered marketing activities across all sectors, and the definition of what we consider as "marketing" is continually changing and becoming broader.

Nowadays, many marketing directors are being forced to re-examine and challenge their roles and skillsets. They have had to respond to new paradigms of customer relationships. It is no longer enough to tackle marketing issues through only market analysis or a marketing mix. The marketing director is responsible for lead generation and conversion rate optimization to fuel growth and must challenge the performance of marketing campaigns and overall marketing ROI.

Marketing department leaders are facing 4 key challenges:

  • Adapt their value proposition by focusing on the needs and expectations of customers while understanding the segmentation more precisely
  • Increase the ROI of marketing expenses based not only on a segmentation approach but also on an individual basis
  • Decide in real-time which messages will be sent to the customer (whether digital or physical) via automation tools that must be continuously calibrated
  • Go beyond traditional CRM tools by extracting data internally and from third parties to improve customer knowledge and move from typical customer segmentation to precision marketing, enabling more personalization

How BearingPoint adds value

BearingPoint's marketing reinvention solutions are structured around 3 axes:

  • Generate sustainable growth by identifying the best marketing strategy in a changing world by focusing on customer needs and innovating with new value propositions (products, services, sales channels, communications, digital platforms).
  • Personalize customer engagement through precision marketing enablers to maximize digital campaign ROI with the help and knowledge from our digital marketing platform certified consultants (Salesforce Marketing, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe campaign).
  • Enhance marketing function by integrating marketing automation tools to reduce costs, increase leads, drive sales, and maximize the overall company performance. Thanks to our customer-centric approach, you will identify user behaviors and define the best-triggered conditions. 

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