As part of our CFO service, performance management focuses on steering and management tasks supported by controlling functions to deliver tangible value in a rapidly changing environment. Our experienced team combines various skills and know-how to accelerate your mission-critical priorities. We help drive value, reduce costs, and provide assurance via supporting business and decision making.

Current trends and client challenges within performance management

To support effective business partners and the overall decision-making process in a fast-moving environment, you must:

  • Align the data model with the strategy and business models
  • Establish mature reporting and analytics centers for more business transparency, optimizing steering
  • Use advanced planning methodologies and new forecasting methods that take into account technical options
  • Embed performance management into S/4 Hana in an early stage to derive the highest value from IT for leveraging innovative technologies
  • Develop sustainable crisis prevention management using 2020 as a model

Our general approach

Business is moving fast, resulting in increased demand for higher-value support and pressuring finance to move quicker. The function is expected to not just do more with less, but better with less.
We have developed a strong support methodology based on enablers to be implemented regardless of your starting point from our experience and key trends monitoring across sectors.
We help teams become valuable business partners, supporting them with our capabilities, methodologies, assets, and experience.

Our broad range of competencies within performance management

Our steering model and performance management transformation approach

Megatrends have changed performance management processes and forced a shift in roles and responsibilities from collecting information to being business partners and navigators for management.
Thanks to our maturity model, we will help you develop tailored recommendations to reach the next steps. We help companies prepare for future challenges and stay a step ahead of the competition by defining vision and priorities as well as a new operating model. Organization (including mutualization), governance, and people are the cornerstone of this transformation.

Our holistic approach to redefine individual budgeting, planning, and forecasting models

Different planning and forecasting approaches have advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered:

  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Value-driver based planning
  • Predictive forecasting
  • Integrated planning

Our analysis and evaluation methodology will determine which planning model is suitable. Our methodology also takes into account content, methods, process and organization, and technology.

Our next level reporting and dashboarding models

Most reporting systems do not live up to the increased demands and do not match market requirements. Facilitated by our reporting maturity model, we will help you develop tailored recommendations to reach the future of reporting with key expected benefits:

  • Real-time access to response reduces wait time, increasing report timeliness
  • Natural language interface provides access for non-technical users
  • Continuous dialogue enables additional exploration by the decision-maker
  • Machine-generated insights and narratives highlight important data

Benefit from our deep process and business knowledge combined with technical know-how and our strong partnerships with leading software providers.

Our Financial Consolidation 4.0 service portfolio

Interacting with budgeting, forecasting, and planning-processes, Financial Consolidation 4.0 is an essential cornerstone for efficient decision making. We developed a service portfolio to transform all processes from data modeling to reporting and additional outbound data streams.

Our analytics approach

Many organizations remain entrenched in traditional forms of analysis and characterize their analytics as playing a prescriptive or predictive role, and far more use standard practices like diagnostic and descriptive analytics. Technology supporting planning, budgeting, and forecasting is critical for forming and maintaining strong business partnerships.
We can support you in generating competitive advantages with analytics in finance:

  • Maturity assessment, readiness evaluation, and roadmap
  • BearingPoint assets and analytics techniques - forecast navigator and virtual controller

Finance services can be delivered via various models. We are experienced in optimizing performance management models for many notable national and international companies spanning all industries.

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