Striving for financial excellence with BearingPoint

BearingPoint adds value by analyzing and improving your operating model with a meaningful structured approach, including innovative digital tools and optimized end-to-end processes.

Finance shared services

For your finance organization, we aim to develop flexible structures that promote agility and reduce costs. In a first step, our team assesses your current maturity level, evaluates the value contribution of a new target operating model, and defines a business case to establish a shared service center (SSC) or optimize an existing SSC. After the analysis, we will support you with implementing a new standardized and harmonized operating model in a second step.

Finance process excellence

With our BearingPoint Business Process Master List (BPML), we support the implementation and improvement of finance processes to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness across your finance organization. We increase your process efficiency by using digital capabilities to leverage potential business benefits, leading to reduced complexity, increased transparency and traceability, and the required agility within applications and IT landscape processes.

Finance process digitalization

Using digital levers, we assist clients in leveraging robotics (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize their financial processes. Based on our comprehensive experience, we can efficiently identify process automation opportunities. New technology solutions enable companies to increase their productivity by eliminating non-value adding activities, standardizing process execution, and enhancing collaborators with digital assistants. Process automation allows businesses to streamline and digitally transform for increased service quality and improved service delivery of business processes using state-of-the-art technology.

Accurate monitoring of all process variables (e.g., productivity ratio, lead times, process variants, errors, etc.) can be accelerated by process analytic tools like process mining (e.g., Celonis).

BearingPoint also improves the efficiency of processes through cutting-edge cloud solutions as an add-on to traditional ERPs. We support selecting the appropriate tools that best suit clients’ needs and implement the latest IT landscape applications. Platforms Solutions allow companies to adopt paper-free ways of working, optimizing end-to-end processes, reducing process time and efforts.

Lean finance

In each scenario, we believe that lean management is an excellent way to streamline existing processes. On top of proven methods and tools, our approach equips stakeholders that perform the daily tasks, which is critical for success. This approach perfectly supports the performance of fast close projects to improve your closing processes. It also paves the way for the setup of continuous improvement programs for regular process optimizations, for which we can support companies with excellent lean management training opportunities.

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