Change is happening faster than ever, and companies must adapt their strategies,business models and organizations to stay on top. They have to adapt while remaining true to their purpose, their culture and their people. 

Companies are facing many pressing issues, such as:

  • How can we change our strategy and business model while remaining true to our core identity and values? Where can we compete and differentiate ourselves? Where should we go for volume or profit? Where should we invest for the future? 
  • Considering our corporate culture, synergies, business models and other dimensions of the company, is it possible to successfully integrate new teams into our company? How can we go through acquisition or carveout without hurting our core business? 
  • How can we ensure that our organization fits our new strategy? 
  • What key performance indicators should we keep an eye on, and what is the best way to manage performance? 
  • How can we make our activities, operations, and corporate culture as sustainable and green as possible? How to contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals and make it an asset in our strategy?  

How BearingPoint brings value 

  • Strategic Plan: 
    BearingPoint assists you in finding market opportunities by considering your expertise, core business, and assets. We help you adapt your strategy by designing a business model aligned with your ambitions. 
  • Merger & Acquisition: 
    We assist you at every step of the deal, from target screening, sell-side/buy-side preparation to post-merger integration. 
  • Organization & Governance:  
    How to implement an organization that is in line with your corporate strategy? BearingPoint helps you transform your organization through organizational and corporate governance design, reshaping of the processes and tools used from the top executive level to the business unit level. 
  • Performance management:  
    We identify your performance management needs and measure your improvement through dashboards with relevant key performance indicators to make the right decisions and to carry out your strategy operationally.  
  • Sustainability: 
    We believe that sustainability is not only an aggregation of operational expertise but a business challenge that must be at the heart of your strategy, your governance, and your operations. Transform your organization and capture new opportunities and drive growth. 

Our approach centers on supporting our clients to improve continuously by using the appropriate tools, methods, and approaches. To achieve this, we use our change management methodology to ensure that organizational habits and behaviors align with new ways of working. We build the bridge between C-level strategic vision and operational insights from the field for a successful implementation. 

A great plan that is not implemented is a bad plan. Generating buy-in and empowerment is a key focus in our methodology: improve internal collaboration in early stages enable to speed up implementation! 

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