It's commonplace to say that pace of change is increasing dramatically. In addition, in a slow growing economic environment, innovation is now the key for success. Managers and mainly Line Managers are, more than before, a key success factor in companies’ adaptation: not only they have to implement the strategy in their team, but they are asked to promote innovation, and generate the next wave of transformation…

On the other hand, front-line managers are typically promoted into their role because they are good engineers, contact center agents, salespeople and not necessarily because they are likely to be good managers or leaders.

Our Management & Leadership dedicated team brings a wide range of services to managers in transformation to improve their management competencies and behaviors around 4 main offerings:

  • Managerial visioning: In the context of a strategic transformation, define the expected management behaviors and competencies (and changes from the current)
  • Active ManagerTM: Equip front-line managers with the appropriate skills, tools, knowledge, experience and confidence to actively manage their management tasks in the appropriate time frame
  • Manager of transformations: Equip managers involved in a transformation with the appropriate tools, behaviors and confidence to understand the strategy and manage change in their team
  • Embedded teams: In complex and fast changing environment, empower the team to implement continuous change and performance improvement.

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