The speed of change has created new challenges, and operational excellence addresses these challenges across the full organizational value chain, driving improved bottom-line business performance. By adopting a structured and people-centric methodology you can achieve your business plan in a dynamic, sustainable, and timely fashion.

Our operational excellence capability addresses fundamental questions business leaders have, such as:  

  • What actions do we need to take to improve customer satisfaction?  
  • How can we optimize our bottom line and improve our company in an agile and sustainable way? 
  • Is there a way to guarantee tangible improvements for the most critical and transverse problems? 
  • Can we empower and involve all the organization levels? 
  • How do we monitor the action plan implementation through performance measurement while enrolling contributors? 
  • Is it possible to ensure that the required changes are embedded in the culture and our day-to-day way of working? 

To address these questions, the BearingPoint People & Strategy team uses the following performance drivers to help you achieve operational excellence while focusing on your key assets - your people. 

  1. Lean Management – For BearingPoint, Lean management is a way to reach excellence through client satisfaction and employee pride. We have a 3-level Lean offer: Operational Excellence vision definition, In-field actions (kaizen) for both Operations and non operations activities, and People coaching and Lean training (Yellow, Green and Black belts certifications).
  2. Resources Planning – based on three core offers - S&OP/MPS, Workforce Planning, and Make or Buy strategy – as we believe that securing the relevant and most efficient resources (human, material, information) to meet internal and external customer demand is a performance prerequisite.
  3. Cost optimization – We can support you in addressing your competitivity and efficiency stakes with various cost optimization methodologies that combine top-down and bottom-up approaches according to your company culture and emergency level: Zero-Based budget, Booster Methodology, Complexity cost analysis, Footprint revision, etc. 
  4. Data management – We know  that data is at the heart of operational excellence. Thanks to our two core offers, Data analytics & AI and Process Digitalization, we can support you in optimizing your data management strategy and conduct the relevant POV (Proof of Value) achievement.

How BearingPoint brings value 

Our teams build adapted actions  for problem solving, workforce empowerment  and continuous improvement that allow organizations to outperform and beat the competition. Customer satisfaction, simplification, waste elimination, and digitalization are our core competencies. 

Our Operational Excellence framework is supported by a proven change management methodology to ensure that organizational habits and behaviors align with new ways of working. A key tenant of our values is knowledge transfer to ensure that the operational excellence approach is used as part of the continuous improvement capability. 

Our projects  deliver strong financial ROI and are typically cash neutral within the financial year. We help our clients plan year-on-year incremental improvements using our continuous improvement methodologies. 

BearingPoint has served several clients both at corporate and business unit levels across various industries. 

Our operational excellence improvement model 

Identify your problems, assess your operational maturity level and activate the relevant levers to achieve performance improvement with the best-suited methodology.

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