Global businesses are facing more data and technologies than they can handle, and the problem is only getting worse.

With limited human and financial resources available, it’s getting harder by the day to intelligently leverage these critical assets. This is undermining the ability of many enterprises to build resilience and drive value creation. The gap between the data available and what can be used is getting wider, and needs to be bridged.

We help you make sense of your incoming data

Innovations such as AI and the latest trends can seem alluring, but they may be preventing you from mastering the basics. Many businesses are simply trying to do too much at once.

BearingPoint understand the problems that senior data officers and business decision-makers face. We help you make sense of your incoming data – prioritizing your collection and analysis to ensure you can leverage data in a smart way, with the right insights available for the right purpose.

The five pillars of our consulting approach

BearingPoint’s business and technology consulting addresses five interlinked pillars of your data & analytics / AI journey.

Together, they form a holistic approach to realize the potential of your data, and help you reinforce your organizational resilience and value creation, rather than undermine them. They link your data approach to well-defined business strategy, rather than leaving it in a silo.

1. Data Strategy 

Strategy is always the starting point, and you must formulate it in full before you take key decisions on acquiring new technologies, tools and systems. If your business feels like it’s either missing critical data or has too much of it, BearingPoint brings the necessary clarity. Strategy must account for the fact that your resources are limited, and available sources must be prioritized towards a well-defined digital roadmap. 

2. Modernize data architecture

A modern data architecture brings adaptiveness to your business to keep up with technology and market trends, and allows you to be part of a wider data-sharing ecosystem. It will address fundamental capabilities such as data integration and data management within your organization. You must select the right architecture and data engineering approach so that you can effectively organize your data. The critical goals for your enterprise are to build flexibility, resilience and value creation for the future. BearingPoint helps you to understand your current situation, and prepare your journey towards a modern and future-proof data cloud.

3. Data analytics and AI

We support your business in applying advanced data analytics to unlock insight. This will help you learn and predict how to realize and leverage the value of data. We use and implement sophisticated algorithms to find patterns and connections within your data, highlighting opportunities and risks.

4. Data insights and visualisation

Presenting your information in a business-actionable way is vital to success, preventing information overload. How your organization accesses and understands information is a fundamental aspect of the data project. We help you to build interactive dashboards, interfaces and apps from the ground up, including AR and VR industrial-grade solutions.

5. Data governance

Data governance addresses your compliance, legal, reputational and customer consent requirements. It orchestrates data flow across your organization, while preserving business agility. BearingPoint helps you to develop industry-specific data catalogues and policies that address both current and future obligations.

Create sustainable business results from data

Data is an important asset, but few harness its true value and benefits.

We use our data strategy framework to identify the best value propositions and use cases for your business. Drawing on our AI and data analytics competencies, we help you understand what analytics and insights you need. These must run on well managed data, engineered on modern cloud architecture, and orchestrated through good data governance.

We work with our clients end to end to create sustainable business results from data. You’ll benefit from our business and technology consulting combined with our industry expertise to solve the data challenges you currently face.


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