A force for good – working with Salesforce to achieve positive business outcomes

Salesforce is the preferred cloud CRM platform for many thousands of organizations around the world. With good reason: it offers outstanding potential for unlocking customer insight, improving service, driving sales, and ultimately transforming performance. But true success can only be achieved when the Salesforce solution is designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each business.  

The BearingPoint approach 

Landing in the sweet spot between IT, operational, and commercial needs. BearingPoint has been working with Salesforce since 2010 – recommending, scoping, and implementing the platform for a host of clients operating in many different industries. Our collective expertise means that we enjoy Salesforce Summit Partner status, with a team of more than 200 dedicated consultants. By combining our technical system know-how, knowledge of specific industries, and an understanding of the wider business and technological context, we are able to approach each project by addressing the core business challenges facing each client – from lengthy sales cycles and complicated B2B customer structures to data quality issues, lack of agility, and fragmented services.

The key to building valuable customer relationships is about recognizing needs, engaging effectively, and continually evolving and innovating to solve problems in the best possible way. These are the principles driving the success of Salesforce, and they also underpin the BearingPoint approach.

Rather than simply implementing a generic CRM system, we look at how we can design and deploy a unique Salesforce program in order to deliver significant and enduring value to the business.

How can Salesforce serve the business objectives?

As a first step, we take time to understand the specific situation and requirements of our clients, analyzing all of the pain points and opportunities, and helping to define exactly what they need from a CRM system – always with the bigger strategic question front and center: How can Salesforce serve the business objectives?

We recognize the different, and often competing, priorities of IT and commercial opportunities. Ours is a holistic approach, one that unites people and processes behind common goals, and shared outcomes. And we offer an omni-channel framework, covering all aspects of the communication and engagement process, taking into account every touchpoint.

Different challenges, unique solutions

Our Salesforce specialists have worked with many leading brands, across a broad range of industries, from insurance to robotics, and also including the government sector, where we are helping regional and local administrations to deploy Salesforce as part of their strategy to transform the effectiveness of their citizen engagement.

It is very clear that in order to meet expectations and achieve the necessary return on their investment in Salesforce, clients need much more than a ‘cut and paste’ solution: 


Financial institution
Our Salesforce successes

Financial institution

Our client was being held back by an unwieldy CRM system, and needed to evolve with a high-performing, user-friendly and sustainable Salesforce solution, supported by global training and roll-out. Reducing implementation time to deliver the new system in just weeks, we enabled the business to realize immediate benefits including dramatically improved lead-management and sales control, shorter campaign management times, and a comprehensive and transparent view of customers.

Top 5 insurer
Our Salesforce successes

Top 5 insurer

Fragmented systems, protracted sales cycles, lack of integration, inefficient IT support, this major insurance business suffered from a complex and disjointed system. BearingPoint transformed a largely dysfunctional CRM into a state of the art customer platform, providing a 360 customer view, omni-channel campaign management, shorter sales cycles (from weeks to days) – delivering a different level of service experience and creating a flexible base for the future.

Delivery and distribution
Our Salesforce successes

Delivery and distribution

Operating with a highly complicated b2b customer structure, and restricted by multi-layered and disconnected systems, our client needed an agile 360 solution that enabled an effective lead management and sales funnel, with customizable KPIs and alerts. Looking at the whole challenge, we were able to design a pan-European Salesforce solution that enabled shorter sales cycles, with a single dashboard and flexible KPIs, and early warning capabilities for revenue variances.

Luxury goods
Our Salesforce successes

Luxury goods

Building a unique 360° client view to facilitate a highly personalized client journey, a leading luxury cosmetic brand took the next step to establish a strong foundation in client insights and personalized interactions. BearingPoint supported the company in turning its CRM vision into reality by implementing a global CRM database to lay the basis for advanced omnichannel capabilities.

Global Logistics Provider
Our Salesforce successes

Global Logistics Provider

A global logistics provider delivers 5,2mn parcels and 55mn letters per day within its Post & Paket division. A ChatBot solution was required as part of an fully integrated omni-channel approach to customer enquiries. Working with the project team, Bearing Point created a dialogue structure covering all the major customer topics, and an intent recognition feature to ensure accurate responses. Alongside, a shipment analysis feature was added to provide customers with real time data about package status. Straightforward enquiries are handled automatically, for quick resolution. More complex cases are escalated to live agents, who are supported with all relevant customer data through the chatbot system – leading to a more efficient, seamless and better customer experience.

Our Salesforce assets

Solving problems with IP assets

Through our experience in consulting, specifying and delivering Salesforce solutions for more than a decade, we have developed a number of IP assets that work seamlessly with Salesforce technology to address specific challenges within different industries.

These include Citizen Relationship Management (for public services), SMX 360 (for insurance) and Energy360 (for utilities). These IP assets are unique to BearingPoint, and are designed to significantly boost our clients’ businesses and generate value and efficiency.

Citizen Relationship Management

Working closely with our service lines and consultancy teams in France, we have developed specific Intellectual Property (IP) that helps to leverage the capabilities of Salesforce to realize a new vision for transformative Citizen Relationship Management. Currently we have two POCs, addressing the needs of consumers (with social aid request management) and businesses (through company assistance management). Successful programs are already in place in various French municipalities.

Energy360 – showcasing built-in utilities expertise

Energy360 is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized utilities providers, and can incorporate any kind of possible extensions at high speed with low or no code based on Salesforce functionalities. Its main features include a comprehensive dashboard, utilities-specific use cases for 360° customer management, and the ability to interface directly with main utilities backend applications such as Schleupen, Powercloud and SAP.

In addition, BearingPoint provides several technical assets that can be accessed via AppExchange.

Our Salesforce project roadmap

Why Salesforce?

In almost every industry, consumers are becoming more discerning and demanding more of the brands that serve them. At the same time, the amount of data that is being collected about consumer desires and behavior has mushroomed, and only a world-leading CRM platform can help you make the most of it all. Salesforce has moved from strength to strength over the last ten years - its market share is now more than the total of the next four competitor platforms.

From its early days, Salesforce was designed to center around the customer, with outstanding user-friendliness. Businesses love its platform because it is the most business-focused system available. Salesforce is now the go-to platform for all customer-facing processes, incorporating sales, marketing, and services.

Our references

BearingPoint are proud to have delivered over 180 Salesforce implementation projects across sectors as diverse as consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, automotive, postal, insurance and banking.

  • Deutsche Post DHL
  • AXA
  • Liverpool
  • La Prairie
  • KUKA
  • Eutelsat
  • Paris Habitat
  • Foam Partner
  • Edenred


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