In a rapidly changing world, supply chain management (SCM) is under more scrutiny than ever.

Risk and uncertainty have grown exponentially. Previously reliable networks of sourcing and supply chain are being questioned, and inflating costs are causing headaches in nearly every sector. A frantic pace of innovation is sweeping the SCM arena, as more firms realise that delaying digitalization is inviting commercial failure. Transparency in supply is also becoming an unavoidable responsibility.

Against this backdrop, you need the right support and expertise to transform your supply chain. BearingPoint deliver structured SCM consulting that spans business strategy and operational implementation, and measurably improves long-term commercial outlook.

Our approach addresses three critical strategic objectives – sustainability, digitalization and resilience. They are inter-dependent, and must be tackled together along with profitability and cash levels to achieve holistic transformation.

The sustainability objective

SCM is now at the heart of the drive towards sustainability. BearingPoint understand how Scope 3 emissions and ESG criteria should be integrated into your procurement processes.

Our vision of business sustainability is built around four Ps:

  • People: What is the human impact of your sourcing and procurement?
  • Planet: What is the environmental impact of your end-to-end sourcing and procurement?
  • Purpose: How can you involve and engage all internal and external stakeholders on the journey towards sustainability?
  • Profit: What are the costs of transforming to a more sustainable business model?

An understanding of how these principles inter-link with digital transformation and resilience is critical. 

For example, harnessing the right technology can improve your sustainability reporting. And the more sustainable your business is, the more resilient, because you can demonstrate to shareholders and customers alike that you are doing the right thing over time.

The digitalization objective

Digitalization brings profound improvements in control and efficiency in your supply chain. We help you transform end-to-end best practice procurement processes into the cloud, generating value with the help of more data, intelligently used.

BearingPoint invite your business to achieve the next level of smart sourcing and digital procurement. But what will your next level look like?

  • Source-to-contract – more data helps to predict risks and savings

  • Supplier management – new collaboration models to drive innovation and build trust

  • Procure-to-pay – this process area becomes increasingly, and then completely, automated

The journey begins with a cloud platform for your sourcing and supply chain and a more integrated business network with suppliers. Next, the focus shifts to big data and process mining, and an open innovation cloud to enable highly connected collaboration. Finally, you’ll move to the last step of supply chain digitalization, which incorporates the technologies of digital twin, AI and robotic process automation.

Digitalization brings increased transparency around sustainability. It also delivers greater awareness of operations, that in turn empowers agility – which is key to resilience.

The resilience objective

Over numerous projects in different industries, BearingPoint have acquired extensive experience in building a resilient supplier base and supply chain.

Risk is mitigated in numerous ways. Supplier diversification and nearshoring are two potentially valuable strategies, along with considering a shift in supply chain technologies. But for BearingPoint, the most powerful tool in the mitigation of risk is effective collection and use of data.

We recommend a five-pillar approach to managing your supply chain risk with the use of more data:

  1. Know your supplier
  2. Mine your processes
  3. Listen for risk events
  4. Integrate your supplier
  5. Plan and simulate demand

Resilience is closely associated with your ability to adapt and operate in agile ways. It is only achievable with a sophisticated digitalization approach and a comprehensive sustainability framework. 

From where you are, to where you want to be

The SCM transformation journey begins with an assessment of your current status quo.

The outcome is a baseline of where you stand today with your supply chain. The next step is to construct your True North – a targeted picture of where you would like your SCM to be that will deliver optimal competitiveness and commercial efficiency.

With this True North in place, BearingPoint help you to establish a comprehensive roadmap – a detailed plan for how to get from ‘today’ to ‘tomorrow’.

From kick-off to roadmap completion typically takes eight to ten weeks. The process can be undertaken in either a remote or hybrid way. If your business already has a complete roadmap, implementation can be initiated much quicker.

Proven large-scale implementations

With your roadmap in place, implementation can begin.

BearingPoint employ over 120 technology consultants with specialist expertise in the implementation of supply chain transformation projects. We work with state-of-the-art sourcing and procurement platforms, including Coupa, Jaggaer and SAP Ariba, over a period of up to ten years, depending on the scale and complexity of your project.

BearingPoint operate in an agile way, using a range of KPIs to measure your project’s success.

The outcomes of our supply chain transformation projects

BearingPoint implementations deliver measurable results. For a typical project, you can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Optimized source-to-contract process that results in 8-12% savings (average of spend)
  • More transparent calculation and steering of Scope 3 indirect emissions of suppliers results in 18-25% lower emissions that you are buying
  • 25-32% reduced administrative work in procurement processes, due to enhanced digital support

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