Climate is the first and most enduring sustainability topic for most companies, now regulated using the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). And pressure from stakeholders and regulatory bodies is intensifying to adopt ambitious low-carbon approaches.

The objective for organizations is clear: to integrate climate change into their corporate strategies and be recognized as proactive climate players. Getting there is more complex.

Once a carbon footprint has been measured, a target set and a trajectory defined, the right solutions need to be implemented to make it happen. The financial implications of the transformation must be forecast, and carbon accountability fully assessed.

BearingPoint supports your organization from end to end in this process, leveraging our expert cohort of varied and specialist consultants as well as our preferential relationships with a range of software suppliers. We bring consulting and solution capabilities that help you deliver on your decarbonization strategy to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

BearingPoint’s approach to decarbonization for your organization

Our assets

  • Expertise in all existing tools and methodologies
  • In-depth sectoral and functional expertise to build a relevant transition plan
  • Proven knowhow in method-based development, sector-specific, and creating tailored tools
  • Capabilities in prospective energy and climate scenarios analysis
  • A network of partners to help us deploy innovative technologies

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