For long-established players in their fields, sustainability can represent a significant structural challenge. They are under ever-mounting pressure from customers, stakeholders and regulators to accelerate transformations and rethink value creation. At the same time, new entrants are springing up that incorporate ‘sustainability by design’.

Time is of the essence. Existing players facing this scenario may have to completely reconfigure their business models to integrate social and planetary boundaries. This includes an analytical approach combined with the redefinition of a vision and purpose for the coming decades.

BearingPoint works hand in hand with you to help you make the right decision to transform your business model. We help you interrogate potential new models through three lenses: financial, environmental and social. Once the way forward has been agreed on, we help you plan your transformation, culminating in a roadmap including financial and operational considerations (CapEx and OpEx). Finally, we help you build a full change management programme, ensuring you secure full buy-in and commitment from your people and key stakeholders.

How BearingPoint helps you reconfigure your business model

Our assets

  • Our ‘triple modelling’ approach (environmental, social and financial)
  • Storytelling methodology that delivers a transformative purpose, with our partner Sparknews
  • Strategic foresight workshops with our YouMeO teams
  • Climate ‘Stress test’

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