Today, sustainability is a key concern for the sales and marketing functions of most businesses, for two reasons. Firstly, transparency: it’s now understood that the sustainability component of a product must be evaluated and communicated in ways that can be clearly evidenced.

Secondly, price validation. The cost of sustainable production and supply must be understood with clarity for every product, so that pricing can be formulated in a way that both protects profits and is fair to the consumer.    

BearingPoint helps you align your products and services portfolio with social and environmental issues. In the process, we help you take advantage of regulatory changes, meet stakeholders’ expectations and get them on board, and position your brand and your portfolio positively on these issues. The result is the step-by-step evolution of a sustainable offering, from storyboard to execution, that brings your business resilience in the face of ever-increasing sustainability expectations.

How BearingPoint helps you integrate sustainability into your sales and marketing

Our assets

  • A holistic approach to sustainable offerings that encompasses your entire value chain
  • Expertise in strategic foresight, life cycle analysis and sustainable customer journeys. This enables us to set up a visionary plan covering your material challenges through to deployment of your sustainability offering

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