It is easy to generate high volumes of data and implement the newest technology. But without the business in mind and a structured and holistic approach, you will never reap the full value of your investments. 

Always start by defining the business value you want to achieve 

Many companies hire expensive data scientists, give them access to the data, and ask them to create valuable models and analyses. The problem is, anyone can build something, but without clear direction, it would be comparable to giving your team a box of plastic building blocks and telling them to create something – the final product will most likely end up on a shelf and never used. One key reason is that organizations are often not ready, or are reluctant, to adopt the behaviors required to leverage data-driven insight. 

To avoid wasting time and money, we recommend starting with the business value you want to realize and identify how data and insights can be used to achieve that value. You can use data and insights to improve current activities, products and services, but also to develop new ones. Knowing whether you want to, for instance, assure data is not a liability, improve strategic decision-making, use predictive maintenance, or start contacting customers who are likely to churn, will greatly affect the type of data and tools you should use and how the architecture needs to be set up to facilitate the necessary data flow. 

Data-driven business processes and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way value is delivered. Technology and data are available, but you need entrepreneurial minds to make the most out of it. Our strength is supporting organizations in seizing these opportunities along the whole value chain. 

With our expertise, you can realize that business value 

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Data & Analytics Strategy 

Before launching the next data-driven initiative, you need to know where you want to go and how you intend to get there. We support our clients in identifying and defining data-driven endeavors and setting up their organization and resources to succeed. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Data & Analytics Strategy 
  • Data & Analytics Maturity Assessment 
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO) Advisory 
  • Data Use Case Definition Workshops 

Data Governance 

Executing on the vision of being data-driven is not limited to a few individuals in your organization, but it requires all stakeholders to understand how they contribute to the data value chain. Our data governance services are driven by our proven and practical data governance operating model but are always adapted to fit your unique situation and value cases. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Establishing the Data Governance Framework and Operating Model 
  • Setting up the Data Ethics Framework 
  • Data Culture and Data Literacy enablement 

Advanced Analytics 

Analytics is much more than algorithms and technology. It’s all about solving important problems and creating sustainable business improvements. We bring a wealth of real-world and hands-on Data Science and Machine Learning experience to the match, combining deep technical and mathematical expertise with an end-to-end business mindset. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Prediction of churn risk and buy propensity to personalize customer dialogue 
  • Data-driven behavioral segmentation for customer journey differentiation 
  • Predictive maintenance to increase operational efficiency in production/utilities 
  • Root-cause analysis for a deeper understanding of risks and opportunities 

Data Engineering & Architecture 

Data Engineering is about establishing data pipelines and the necessary data platform to serve these as a foundation to retrieve business value from the company’s data. We guide companies in establishing the right architecture. Through implementations, we make sure that data is available in the right place at the right time in the right format while complying with security and privacy regulations. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Data & Analytics Architecture Advisory 
  • Master and Metadata Management 
  • Implementing Data & Analytics platforms  

Data Visualization 

Interactions with users is a key ingredient for delivering real business impacts in many D&A initiatives. We advise and help clients to build interactive data visualizations and intuitive user interfaces to engage consumers and employees across hierarchies and business functions. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Interactive Dashboarding 
  • Graph Analytics 
  • Data storytelling: From data to business language 

Intelligent Agents & Automation 

AI-backed technology is a strong driver for business disruption. We identify the threat and opportunities raised by these technologies for our clients and transforms their business processes accordingly. 

Typical project examples: 

  • Integration of chatbots for client assistance 
  • Implementing intelligent call routing 
  • Process Mining and Advisory 
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