83% of companies expect IT to be more agile, flexible, and quick to react to changing market requirements such as political and economic crises (c.f. Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH).

Our IT sourcing services cover the entire sourcing lifecycle, from the creation of forward-looking strategies and the execution of operational tasks to the management of transition and transformation efforts.

BearingPoint divides the IT sourcing lifecycle into three strategic pillars, each enhanced by our specific assets.

Our approach is complemented by strategic assets such as our IT sourcing toolbox, SIAM Quick Assessments, and ZeroBase IT toolbox, which enable us to act based on sound data and analyses.

Our mission is to examine your company along the entire value chain. In our BearingPoint network, we bring together industry experts, IT strategy and sourcing specialists, compliance and risk management specialists, and IT security specialists to ensure end-to-end implementation for your project.

We are your ideal partner for the latest in IT strategies.

Development and implementation of a global sourcing strategy
Success story: Pharmaceutical industry

Development and implementation of a global sourcing strategy

Working closely with a global pharmaceutical company, we consolidated its highly fragmented IT provider landscape in the workplace and end-user support area. In doing so, we relied on the BearingPoint IT sourcing lifecycle. Through the targeted use of strategic assets, such as the SIAM Quick Assessment, we uncovered inconsistencies in the procurement and quality of external IT services and standardized procurement processes. We could then establish efficient multi-provider management, enabling us to optimize the IT service landscape, achieve cost savings, and increase user satisfaction at the client company.

Modernization and optimization of company-wide IT infrastructure operations
Success story: Energy supply

Modernization and optimization of company-wide IT infrastructure operations

The client needed to modernize its IT infrastructure and increase efficiency. The aim was to reduce complexity and future-proof the IT services. We took on the overall project management for this. Thanks to our extensive industry and specialist knowledge along the entire IT sourcing lifecycle and IT infrastructure, as well as methodical security in awarding, transition, and transformation processes, we enabled the seamless transition of service responsibility to the new service providers while increasing service quality.

Successful cloud transformation at the state level
Success story: Public sector

Successful cloud transformation at the state level

In a highly sensitive critical infrastructure environment, we supported the awarding, development, and establishment of cloud infrastructure by bundling our expertise in the areas of IT (cloud) sourcing, IT security, compliance, and risk management, thus ensuring the transformation to a modern, more customer-oriented and adaptable IT organization.

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