Africa’s agricultural industry is facing a double set of challenges. On the one hand, Africa is the most exposed continent to the effects of climate change, despite being the least guilty of contributing to the phenomenon.

According to estimates, a temperature increase of 2°C in Africa could cause the continent’s crop yield to fall by as much as 20%. If the situation is left unchecked, corn production (one of Africa’s staple crops) could plummet by 40% by 2050.

On the other hand, Africa is currently experiencing the highest population growth. It is believed that Africa’s population will double by 2050, rising from 1.2 billion to over 2 billion people.

If Africa is to feed its increasingly sizeable population, it will need to treble its agricultural output by 2050.The ability to address ecosystem degradation and the close relationship between food security and rising temperatures represent one of the main challenges in years to come.

One of the solutions involves reducing losses and ramping up performance. Africa needs to maintain farming practices with a low impact on the environment, not only by scaling back on the use of pesticides or intensive farming methods, but also by leveraging the opportunities inherent in the latest technologies.

In this respect, what will Africa’s agricultural industry look like in tomorrow’s world? What will happen to the 250+ million smallholder farmers putting 80% of the food on the population’s plate?

By using a platform economy to transform the subsistence sectors, BearingPoint firmly believes that there is still a way to harness the untapped potential for industrial, environmental, social and human development where all the players in the agricultural value chain stand to benefit.

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