Looking at market trends, we still see technology shaping economic development. However, consultancies who want to create sustainable solutions for their clients will have to factor in what their impact on society and individuals will be. Find out more on the rationale for our Strategy 2025: how it was inspired by the market environment and what our response looks like.

2018 in numbers

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While consulting is based on time spent supporting clients to create business outcomes, there is now an increasing demand for services directly delivering outcomes to clients. Find out how this has influenced our portfolio.


Our capabilities at a glance

To create business outcomes for our clients, we bundled our capabilities in four units to address the fundamental business needs of our clients:

Talking about our capabilities would be incomplete without mentioning those who deliver them: our people. Their deep industry expertise and thought leadership is what makes our business advisory valuable. They develop the software and services that create valuable business outcomes. Their unique way of working with clients brings sustainable results. Confident, trustworthy and easy to work with, our people’s holistic mindset gives them a broad view of business and its societal impacts. And their entrepreneurial spirit fuels the innovation engine at the core of our portfolio.


We determined four areas where we want to be better than others as an employer: work environment, project work, culture, and leadership development. Our goal is to deliver business-outcomes for our clients along with the best people experience possible. Find out how we put this into practice.

Sustainability Report

When we founded this firm in 2009, we were determined to create value, not only for our clients and ourselves, but for generations to come. This mind-set has shaped our behavior, not only in economic terms, but also toward the environment and society. With this report, we bring this all together on an annual basis by revisiting our efforts, which allows for greater transparency and better results.

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