Business and IT leaders understand the importance of ecosystems as key to business model innovation but fail to harness their full power by not breaking the status quo – the ecosystem paradox.

Amsterdam, June 6, 2019 – Digital disruption continues to challenge Europe’s leading companies struggling to sustain growth and competitive advantage. New revenue growth means innovative business models that will deliver compelling new products and services that can disrupt markets and genuinely solve customer problems. A critical enabler of this new model are partner ecosystems with open, multi-sided collaboration between parties, typically around a digital business platform. BearingPoint research shows that European organizations are still not doing enough to make this a reality. 67% of companies expect ecosystems to help them grow revenue by between 11% and 25% over the next two years. 69% state that their company needs to increase its collaboration with an ecosystem of partners and suppliers if it wants to grow.

However, 62% of companies don’t engage with partners outside of their own industry and 60% do not currently have a specific person in charge of the ecosystem or clear metrics and performance measures. Organizations continue with the same mindset, tools and value chain of yesterday, and therefore miss the opportunity of using ecosystems to grow revenue. Only very few organizations are making the necessary strives to add effective partner ecosystems to reinvent their business models.

Angus Ward

Too many European organizations continue to be challenged by this paradox by focusing on today’s business rather than addressing the changes they need to make. Improving day-to-day operations will not grow revenue. This will only come from innovating compelling new solutions to real customer problems and this means reinventing business models and extending existing core capabilities to include those of partners.

Angus Ward, CEO, Digital Platform Solutions at BearingPoint

The BearingPoint research shows that not enough organizations are focusing on the resources and technology choices necessary to make this a reality. European organizations looking to compete in today’s fast moving, global digital economy need to develop ecosystem intelligence and understand the overarching potential of new business models, particularly those enabled by digital platforms and effective ecosystems.

Eric Falque, global leader of the Go Digital initiative at BearingPoint, highlights that “ecosystem intelligence will be key for innovating business models and create compelling products and services that lead to increased customer satisfaction.”

This report is the second publication in BearingPoint Institute’s series aimed at the importance of business model innovation and practical ways to accomplish this. The Institute is the research arm of BearingPoint.

To learn more about the research findings, please read the paper on the BearingPoint Institute website.

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