Real-world solutions

Generative AI in action

Discover real-world use cases demonstrating the benefits of generative AI in action across a world of industries.

  • Making a positive impact for people and performance

    How will Generative AI impact operations, performance, and jobs in the highly competitive retail sector? A leading retailer tasked BearingPoint with defining an investment to support their ambition of creating added value for employees and for the company with Generative AI.

    Our AI-powered assessment solution scanned over 100,000 tasks across 27 business domains, to identify the most exposed areas. These were further refined with concrete use cases to define five transversal investment priorities with clear associated use cases.

  • Turning customer requests into improved customer experience

    As the global leader in postal services and logistics, Deutsche Post DHL places great emphasis on delivering a first-class customer experience. But with ever-increasing demand for 24/7 support, they turned to AI to help resolve customer requests.

    A project team used Generative AI to develop a comprehensive dialogue and outcome structure. The outcome is a significantly steamlined and closely integrated 24/7 support channel that has successfully improved the customer experience while reducing the workload for agents.

  • Solving the challenge of routine admin and reporting

    Increased reporting and admin tasks are draining valuable time and resources from law enforcement. Due to growing volumes of data, these tasks are becoming ever-more complex, and distracting from more important duties.   

    The Police Investigation Assistant (PIA) is a Gen AI-powered application which helps police officers to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Thereby, PIA can retrieve specific information from vast investigation data on the one hand and support the generation of investigation reports on the other hand. 

  • Taking time and complexity out of compliance

    Achieving regulatory compliance in healthcare and pharmaceuticals through document validation is an extremely complex and time-consuming challenge. Companies seek ways to simplify the process whilst ensuring they conform to the strictest guidelines.

    Our Generative AI Compliance Assistant uses a teachable master list of best practices to ensure all documents follow company-specific rules. It streamlines the validation process by integrating with existing systems, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Transforming global reporting to support a worldwide aid mission

    A global aid organization, Plan International Norway, has implemented Generative AI to transform their reporting process. Plan aimed to streamline report writing—a time-consuming core process for the organization.  

    The AI solution was designed to extract the most relevant insights from source data, and in close collaboration with staff interaction, drafts a program report. This saves valuable time in the process and enhances the quality of the report, allowing employees to focus more on what matters most: namely, girl’s rights in developing countries. 

  • Automating minutes, reducing non-compliance risk

    Creating meeting minutes that are compliant with industry regulations is a significant challenge for insurance brokers. As well as long processing times, there’s also the financial cost, and the varying consistency of the document quality. AI offers the potential for a more streamlined, accurate, and efficient approach.

    Our Generative AI solution automates the entire process including transcription, analysis, and standardization . As a result, minutes are fully consistent and compliant with regulations, while saving valuable time and resources.

  • Contextualising data, simplifying interaction with the SCC

    Value chain transformation is liberating an ocean of valuable data for large automotive and manufacturing firms. But the volume and complexity of information presents challenges for the SSC. 

    Driven by AI, BearingPoint’s Contextual Data Engine (CDE) revolutionizes the way transactional data is communicated and processed. Dramatically streamlined operations reduce SSC communication loops by up to 80%, while simultaneously removing the need for intensive end-user training - enabling enhanced data accuracy with improved efficiency. 

  • AI-enabling a workflow revolution

    At BearingPoint we are constantly looking to improve our tech stack to unleash the potential of individuals, and reduce time spent on mundane tasks. This forward-thinking approach has brought significant breakthroughs for our clients.

    Our multi-layered, bespoke Copilot service helps businesses move from AI-aware to AI-enabled. By integrating AI into workflow we can completely shift the paradigm – revolutionizing the way work gets done.

Step by step process

Impactful transformation

With a collaborative step-by-step process, we help you move quickly and confidently towards a new AI-based reality, creating true value for your business, faster. Enabling you to avoid many of the barriers to progress – such as ethical and security concerns, and ‘Proof of concept syndrome’ (endless experimentation without delivery) – we focus on accelerating you towards measurable outcomes and competitive advantage.

  • Acculturate and envision

    Acculturate and envision

    • Introduce generative AI concepts
    • Experience solutions
    • Understand limitations
    • Envision the potential
  • Set the ambition and prioritize

    Set the ambition and prioritize

    • Evaluate generative AI impact on business models, processes & jobs
    • Prioritize investment areas
    • Assign transformation target
  • Identify business use cases

    Identify business use cases

    • Re-evaluate business processes on prioritized areas based on Generative AI capabilities
    • Identify sourcing-related opportunities
    • Identify most impacting use case
    • Define roadmap
  • Build up Gen AI foundations

    Build up Gen AI foundations

    • Ramp-up Gen AI capabilities (skills, technology, framework)
    • Create architecture framework
    • Identify data management gaps
    • Update workforce planning and prepare upskilling / reskilling
  • Transform


    • Implement and integrate Gen-AI based products
    • Deploy new data governance practices
    • Transform business processes
    • Review impacted services contract
    • Deploy re-skilling programs
    • Measure impact & ROI and continuously re-prioritize

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Generative AI solutions

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