BearingPoint’s Public Sector business is focused on designing and implementing the transformation of Public Sector organizations into agile and resilient operating models for Government and public services clients to enable them to deliver services effectively to Europe’s citizens and businesses.

The outcomes we help them to achieve are:

  • Improving service delivery to meet the diverse needs of the population through digitalization and channel optimization.
  • Enhancing the employee experiences for public servants by implementing new ways of working and supporting the development of new workforce competencies and skills.
  • Increasing their organizational resilience and flexibility, enabled by agile operating models and better inter-agency collaboration.
  • Reducing cost and processing time through the effective deployment of technology and automation across the public service value chain.

Our clients include a wide range of central, state and local government; health and social care; educational and defence organizations across Europe.

Our core objective is not just about providing strategy, advice, or resources to support the transformation or modernization of public services.  Government and public sector organizations choose BearingPoint based on our ability to work in partnership with their people.  And our ability to innovate and leverage leading practice from other jurisdictions.  And our ability to design and deliver new operating models, processes, systems, and workforce capabilities that enable them to run their organizations and serve their customers more effectively. To deliver that, we focus particularly on people transformation that is key for success, on citizen relationship centricity, but also on the best way to use technology to support those transformations (better relation between value and cost).

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