Changing the mindset and ways of working 

A multinational telco provider wanted to become better equipped to respond to complex challenges in the market and technology environment while raising satisfaction levels among its employees. In addition, they also wanted to reduce operational costs. This required a core cultural change from a manufacturing organization to a cross functional one focused on standardization and harmonization across various countries and platforms. To perform such a massive transformation in culture and mindset, one of their major departments launched a program to design and implement a new target operating model that enables new ways of working. This involved exploring innovative ways of collaborating for employees and managers.  

Encouraging autonomy and enabling agility and flexibility 

BearingPoint worked with the client to develop an adaptive new operating model required to address current and future challenges. They identified current organizational pain points and analyzed the organization’s division of project tasks by capacity and complexity for end to end business services. BearingPoint then designed the target operating model to enable the company’s employees to own responsibility for their own projects and deliver services in a more agile way while establishing end-to-end accountability. Skills and resource management were implemented as critical enablers to enhance to benefits of agile ways of working. 

Using a proof of concept approach, they successfully tested the operating model, refined it using an iterative approach and scaled it to various other departments in the organization.  

Driving new strategic changes into the future 

The multinational telco provider is now confident to challenge the future strategic and cultural changes with the new operating model in place. They now have an end-to-end view of the customer’s services across the organization. Communication channels have been simplified, encouraging cross-functional and cross-country cooperation, knowledge sharing and improved workload balancing, which has in turn led to an increase in employee satisfaction. Teams are more adaptable to changing requirements and shorter product and service lifecycles.  

  • Multinational telco provider prepares for strategic changes
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