The digital transformation poses major challenges for companies. Regarding the rapidly changing customer expectations, companies must develop digital business models, make the organization more agile and digitalize and redesign processes with a clear focus on the customer. A sustainable and holistic Business Process Management (BPM) is gaining importance.

174 participants from various industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were surveyed on the topic of process management for the second joint BPM study by BearingPoint and BPM&O.

The results of the study show that:

  • 77 percent of the study participants see BPM as an enabler for the digital transformation
  • many of the measures established so far aim at optimizing the status quo rather than fundamentally redesigning processes and structures
  • in two-thirds of the companies, the customer satisfaction is not yet sufficiently focused through BPM
  • only 26 % of the companies coordinate the digital initiatives and process management for the digital transformation and the BPM
  • regular process measurements and controls are only established to some extent by 40 % of the companies surveyed

To tackle the digital transformation BPM and its elements must be understood as a central facilitator along the whole transformation process – from start-up support via prototyping and operationalization to automation and scaling. Moreover, there is a need for a strong focus on changed customer expectations, sufficient measurement and control of the processes, close and regular cooperation of the digital, process and IT communities as well as sufficient measurement and control of the processes.

The survey results can be downloaded on our website as management summary, descriptive infographic or as detailed presentation.

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