Online sales keep on gaining market shares in the distribution channel mix and retailers must rethink their bricks-and-mortar development strategy. They must leverage the human interactions that customers have with salespeople. This is the biggest differentiator and added value for a physical store looking to compete with pure digital players.

While customers bring their own technology in store, point-of-sale infrastructure must adapt and combine the best of digital and physical worlds.

A best-in-class customer personalization experience would include:
  • Customer recognition: being able to identify the customer as they walk through the door or even before their visit
  • Optimized customer data management: how to make the collection and usage of customer information more efficient
  • Personal shopping advisory and services: knowing what types of value-added services are expected or desired by your customers and will encourage them to come back
This newsletter will give you more insights on what clienteling is and suggest some areas of investigation:
  • What are the clienteling benefits for customers and retailers?
  • What activity sectors should feel concerned?
  • What are the best-in-class services?
  • What are the key principles to take into account when implementing a clienteling solution?
  • Connected Store - Empowering sales associates for more personalized interactions with customers 1.22 MB Download

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