Belgium authorities placed Digitization in the center of the economic growth strategy. The European landscape it evolves in appears very competitive. This year the European Commission disclosed a very large study that reveals how Belgium can be positioned in the concert of nations. In substance it reveals that collectively Belgians deeply embrace the Digital Economy. Belgians’ appetite for social media and e-commerce comforts the emergence of a digital society.

We carried out our own research allowing to set convictions on the current new tech and social trends, including consumer usages, in order to understand how these are or will be accelerating digital transformation of the Belgian society.

Belgians make use of digital firstly to save time, simplify tasks and connect with people. Belgians use digital technologies for very identifiable purposes (e.g. their use in the area of Health is remarkably above European average).

The necessary holistic approach of the study required to incorporate the intrinsic contribution of companies’ strategic development plan. We deeply and pragmatically sounded CXO’s opinion by industry and determined how this leads to structuring insights and converging development strategies. When sounding the ongoing digital innovation in the Belgian market we ended up with six “game-changing” technologies, while in parallel new risks are at stakes.

When it comes to transformation, corporations are key agents in the eco-system. We held thorough exchanges with an extensive number of C-level employees from Bel-20 and other blue-chip companies. We mapped their vision of their current industry challenges and answers in terms of digital transformation.

C-levels experience different maturities of preparation on the digitization of the economy. The transformation workstreams on their roadmap remain different from one industry to another. Nevertheless AI (with extended automation opportunities) and replatforming of business via a new digital eco-system of platforms are the most converging (cross industries) transformation streams.

Our research demonstrates that Belgium has a characterized position as potential Digital leader in Europe. With the right board-level mindsets, Belgian organizations can start injecting some exponential potential into their portfolios of transformation initiatives. By industry there are opportunities to recharge or revolutionize its operations and business models, capturing competitive advantages.

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