With our study, we provide an overview of the development of the success factors of European banks that want to remain sustainable in the course of digitization, regulation and new market participants. The focus here is on the development of the cost and earnings situation, the risk-weighted assets and the progress of digitization. The study comprises 122 European banks supervised by the ECB. The data collection is based on an internal evaluation of the annual financial statements of these 122 European banks in terms of total assets and regions over the period 2013-2017.

Our analysis shows that many banks have not been able to achieve their earnings targets or the associated cost savings in the last five years, which has considerably widened the gap to other markets such as America or Asia. The European banking market is facing a further caesura and consolidation. This is already evident in the various acquisitions of French banks in the German market, but also in the merger ideas in the savings bank sector in Germany.

It will be the central task of the banks to secure their existing success factors and to identify new competitive advantages. The focus must then be on these in order to be successful in the respective business areas of the banks. To this end, the integration of structured screening for new innovations with regard to technology, products and business models must also be established.

You will find the detailed analysis as well as our recommendations for action for banks in the download area. We hope you find the information informative and would be happy to provide you with further information.

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