We are proud to present the G8 publication "Climate change - The New Economy", the official magazine of the G8 summit, held at Camp David on May 18th and 19th 2012, to which BearingPoint contributed.

This magazine includes positions of industry leaders, governments, NGOs and the scientific world, facing the climate change challenge.

Have a look at the e-book page 116, and read the Sustainable Development team’s article about 'Sustainable Supply Chain'.

This article entitled "Only scratching the surface will not get us far enough" presents BearingPoint’s stand when facing key challenges in supply chains:

  • Transparency is non-negotiable: companies cannot leave their reputation into somebody else’s hands, (e.g. their suppliers), and for this, they need to know about their practices along with the origin of the materials.
  • Supply chains can also be short: some players have decided to shorten their supply chain drastically, by reducing either the number of intermediaries or the distance involved therein in order to reduce the impact, costs, make it more agile and reactive while gaining control on it, finally, to better control it.
  • Preserve resources: by diversifying them, using them more efficiently, so as to adapt to an environment of resource scarcity and price volatility.
  • Involve all stakeholders in supply chain transformation: companies can make a difference by working outside their traditional boundaries, for example with their customers, their suppliers, to reduce the overall impact. Internally, involving Innovation R&D, Marketing upstream, will allow lean, cost effective, and green supply chains to appear.

Paper copies of this publication are available upon request.