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International development is the number one growth relay for companies. For 90% of them, it is even one of the top three strategic priorities.

The traditional models (import/export-type trade, starting from scratch by setting up subsidiaries in a target country, investment in infrastructure) naturally continue to exist. However, the agile model is becoming increasingly important.

This is illustrated by three major approaches:

  1. The explorer, this approach consists of analyzing its know-how, tangible (technology, logistics platform, proprietary business tools, etc.) and intangible assets (brand, international contact base, experience, R&D), and leveraging them to build a potential new offering portfolio.
  2. The conqueror, this approach enables the testing of various strategies, rapid chessboard moves and even, in the event of failure, a less-costly exit from a country.
  3. The strategist, the idea is to be one step ahead to be able to exit a country rapidly or adapt the business model/legal vehicle (subsidiary, joint venture, representative office, etc.) if necessary.

The agile development model is a real opportunity for companies to reinforce their international operations while containing risk. In this approach, have “tried and failed” than “never to have tried at all”!

  • Magellan, Alexandre and Clausewitz - The agile international development model 273.18 KB Download

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