The new mobile communications standard 5G not only enables customers to access the Internet faster, it can also become a true "game changer" for providers in the telecommunications industry: 5G offers significantly higher bandwidths for data transmission (enhanced Mobile Brandband, eMBB), lower latency times (ultra reliable low latency communication, uRLLC) and higher device densities per km2 (massive Machine Type Communication - mMTC). New and more lucrative business models are another bonus.

With 5G, telcos will have the opportunity to reposition themselves on the market as service enablers or service creators. Service enablers will continue to provide connectivity and generate an additional part of the 5G value chain by providing digital platforms. Service Creator claim the main part of the value creation by offering new and partly non-sector-specific services.

Our infographic "Telecommunications Outlook 2020+" shows more than 20 innovative use cases from the areas of eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC, in which telecommunications companies can find themselves precisely in the role of service enabler or service creator.

We conclude with six recommendations for action for more entrepreneurial vision.

  • A digital version of "Telecommunications Outlook 2020+" is available for download.
    A digital version of "Telecommunications Outlook 2020+" is available for download. 7.4 MB Download