Telecommunication network operators and TV broadcasters feel compelled to protect their value creation in the core business against substitution by OTT (Over-the-Top) services. OTT services like Whats app, Viber, video portals such as Netflix, Zattoo or Maxdome but also global companies like Apple or Google typically use the third-party infrastructure for free to offer their services. The consequenses for the whole industry is enormous.

The analysis and considerations in this whitepaper should clarify the market sectors in which consumer-oriented OTTs currently appear, as well as where and by means of which success factors OTTs influence the value chain of established telecommunication and media markets. The results form the basis for projecting possible effects of OTT services on operators of access infrastructures, voice and data services (mobile and/or landline Internet access, broadband cable networks etc.) as well as future OTT services and consumption.