There has been a remarkable structural and cultural shift in mobility. Users, vehicles and their environment are increasingly networked, and the role of vehicles is changing in our society. If the car was an essential part of personal mobility in the past, digital networking and the availability of mobility is now the most important thing for Generation Y. This not only has an impact on the vehicle itself, but also on the entire value chain of the automotive industry and its associated ecosystem.

Connected vehicles and digital services

The OEM claim that 80% of all new cars will have connected car services by 2020 is no longer a guarantee for presenting a successful product from the customer's perspective. Networking is now a commodity. In the future, the attractiveness of a mobility service and its integration into the customer's personal living environment will determine the success of a product or brand.

Based on analyses, concepts and comparisons within the industry regarding new digital services, BearingPoint advises its clients on new business models or on adapting existing models to current trends. We focus on an OEM’s own services which directly concern the vehicle and also on mobility services in which the vehicle is to be integrated.

A current trend is the networking of other vehicle components (transmissions, lights, axles, tires), as well as networking and integration of the vehicle into other industries (insurance, banking, consumer goods). The rigorous integration of automotive products into the Internet of Things is an integral part of the BearingPoint portfolio and is supported by our expertise as innovator in the field of digitalization.

Digital ecosystem for mobility

The connected vehicle was the trigger for many service and product suppliers outside the classic automotive industry. After connecting individual mobility segments (car, bus, train, airplane, bicycle) to the smartphone, the next step is to connect the individual segments to each other, and this goes beyond the industry. The concept of a digital ecosystems is now established and enables the cooperation of car manufacturers, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, financial service providers, software and hardware providers as well as public institutions on digital platforms.

To this end, BearingPoint offers support through its consulting approach regarding Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM). With the help of solution building blocks and innovative methods, we are able to advise our customers in order for them to differentiate themselves from the diversity of market participants and to increase sales potentials.

Electric mobility

With the change from combustion engines to electric drives, the automotive sector faces enormous changes. In addition to the strong regulation due to CO2 savings targets, the awakening green buyer behavior and an enormously growing competition are putting a lot of pressure on established OEMs.

Due to the re-focusing of OEMs, employees with new skills and knowledge will be required within a short period of time, while classic areas of competence, such as powertrain and development of combustion engines will become obsolete. Taking this step quickly and efficiently is going to be the object of fundamental transformation processes. In the field of operational excellence, BearingPoint has the necessary expertise required in the restructuring of the development and supply processes for OEMs.

Electric mobility is ultimately not just limited to the product, the vehicle, it also encompasses the complex issue of the necessary infrastructure. In the case of electric mobility, a nationwide network must be established and operated. BearingPoint supports the conception, implementation and commercialization of the loading infrastructure, including roaming requirements.

The electric vehicle is only useful in the context of an ecosystem in which elements of vehicle network, portal solutions and dedicated applications in the vehicle and around it interact with each other. Thus, the vehicle itself must be expanded through elements of an application and information network of different partners. BearingPoint has already invested a lot in the area of digital ecosystems and, regarding the vehicle network, brings pre-defined solutions for the creation of an e-mobility ecosystem.

Although the demand for electric mobility is increasing, the sales in this field are not a sure-fire success. The OEMs have to promptly deal with the adjustment of the sales and service formats. In addition to pure product sales, the communication around the overall electric mobility package will gain enormous importance. At the same time, subjects such as direct sales will challenge the existing structures. When adapting systems and processes, BearingPoint offers solutions for the transformation of sales structures and the associated process and IT changes.

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