On December 7th, 2018 BearingPoint Belgium was proud to announce the winner of the Digital Innovation Award hosted in collaboration with Cercle Montaigne. This award is designed to be a yearly barometer for trends, realizations and best practices in Digital Innovation. The event brought together a wide range of experts/leaders from different sectors/industries.

We received many outstanding candidacies - testifying that the Digital Transformation is on the run on the Belgian market. Therefore, our jury was remarkably eager to walk through submissions. Our jury this year was composed of professionals with remarkable experience in industry, academics or entrepreneurship including:

  • Michael Trabbia – CEO, Orange Belgium
  • Christian de la Villehuchet – CEO Europe, Havas Worldwide
  • Julie de la Kethulle de Ryhove – Consultant, Board of Innovation

For the 2018 edition, we’ve received very interesting candidacies and had the honor to be introduced to several innovative projects set up by different major companies. As a result, we shortlisted three candidates for their disruptive innovations:

Carrefour, for their initiative for food traceability using the Blockchain technology. In a world in which transparency has become an essential but critical subject for companies, Carrefour has certainly taken up the right path developing the 1st food blockchain in Belgium and such ambitions can only be applauded. The overall project is an excellent answer to such a crucial societal issue and it is positioning Carrefour in a unique way with the concretization of Act for Food.

EDF Luminus, for bCheck, a predictive analysis maintenance system, using both IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence. A “plug and play”, non-invasive device allowing people to track the performance and efficiency of any kind of gas boiler to prevent them facing unexpected heating failures. A brilliant and innovative brand agnostic project being on the verge of becoming a spin-out of EDF with current employees becoming shareholders.

And the winner is…

Engie develops applicative intelligence to become a central and strategic player in the Smart Home. They have been awarded this year for their connected smart thermostat allowing consumers to measure, control and monitor their home energy expenditure. From anywhere on a mobile device and in real time, this technology offers a wide range of services amongst which: remote monitoring, energy consumption tracking and usage, energy saving “advices” based on algorithms. By developing this project and services, not only Engie is renewing its business model by becoming much more than simple energy providers but Engie is creating additional touchpoints with their clients/customers in order to enhance their customer relationship management. An outstanding innovation having a real societal impact, and which has already proven its efficiency according to the customers’ feedback. Ultimately, this is showing a real will for democratization.

Annick Rossey

With Boxx, we are renewing our business model: from being a simple energy provider, we become a real service integrator and provider. This is an important technological evolution in the extent that plenty of data are getting structured through an innovative architecture thanks to intelligent algorithms. Herewith our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind are incontestably on the rise.

Annick Rossey – Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Engie

Bruno Defrasnes

We really developed this offer as a partnership: we completely got out of the primary Engie structure and co-developed this innovation with a Dutch partner – Quby – and our sister company Tractebel Engineering as well as an outstanding team of Data Scientists from our corporate headquarters in Paris.

Bruno Defrasnes – Director of Innovation and Services Development, Engie



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