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Mutuelle Médicis is a French specialist mutual insurance company.


Mutuelle Médicis is required to submit quantitative reports (QRTs) to the Banque de France - ACPR under Pillar 3 of the Solvency II Directive. The company was looking for a reporting solution to produce prevalidated quarterly and annual QRTs in XBRL format ready for submission to the national supervisor.


The BearingPoint team implemented ABACUS/ Solvency II, an end-to-end Solvency-IIcompliant reporting solution. The project team conducted the necessary pre-work and provided functional and technical support throughout the implementation process to ensure that Mutuelle Médicis could report highquality data on time. The flexibility embedded in ABACUS/Solvency II, combined with BearingPoint’s regulatory maintenance service, means that the client can comfortably handle its Solvency II Pillar 3 reporting requirements both now and into the future.


With ABACUS/Solvency II, Mutuelle Médicis was able to successfully produce and submit the required “Day 1” reports and the quarterly reports to the Banque de France - ACPR. Mutuelle Médicis has publicly commended the reactivity and sustained customer focus of the BearingPoint team, highlighting this as a major success factor in the smooth production of their Solvency II quantitative submissions.