Customer Service Strategy & Optimization

With new technologies and services, customer expectations have changed. Generating positive emotional responses in all customer interactions has a decisive influence on customer relationships. 

In this context, we introduced the BearingPoint offering Customer Service – Strategic Goal Setting & Optimization. Our methodology allows us to identify significant optimization levers for customer service and claims centers in a structured way. We provide insights and recommendations by: 

1. Obtaining a complete overview of the current performance level in the service center

  • Firstly, we analyze the status quo using qualitative and quantitative tools to establish the as-is state of the service center 
  • These initial insights provide solid entry points for additional in-depth examinations 

2. Uncovering optimization potentials along the value chain 

  • Secondly, we conduct a value-irritant analysis for the customer-specific processes and touchpoints to differentiate value-adding from non-value-adding activities both for customers and the client organization 
  • Building up on these insights, 4 distinct norm strategies can be derived and in combination with the results from step one, first tangible optimization levers are identified

3. Creating a comprehensive, prioritized catalog of measures

  • Thirdly, we prioritize the identified measures using a cost-benefit profile 
  • For the top priority items, we prepare fact sheets with descriptions of the necessary implementation actions 

4. Defining a strategic target picture and a corresponding implementation roadmap

  • In the final step, we develop a revised target picture of the optimized service unit with distinct strategic guardrails and relevant enabling factors as necessary catalysts 
  • Looking ahead, we design a roadmap that matches the prioritized measures to prepare for the subsequent implementation phase 

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