Companies currently face major challenges in recruiting and managing their workforce. The demand for increasingly flexible, “tailor-made“ working models is growing as a result of social and economic developments as well as globalization and digitalization. BearingPoint’s “Flexible Workforce” study identifies key success factors for efficient workforce management.

Such factors are cooperation models between HR, purchasing, and business departments, which help bring together the various competencies that enable holistic planning for internal and external employees. Workforce flexibility is also seen as a key to winning the war for talent.


The number of external workers and employees employed in flexible working models is increasing at a rapid pace. More than 50% of all internal employees are already working in flexible work models, and globally, temporary work went up 19.5% last year.

More than a third of employees already work in flexible employment relationships in the US platform economy, which highlights the trend of a more flexible workforce – standard employment relationships are giving way to flexible, leading to a multitude of working models and contract forms.

Companies are countering the increase in coordination costs by optimizing their workforce management processes through internalization and central management. These processes are partly based on skill-based workforce management with a common process for internal and external employees, and partly on a clear demarcation of the two groups.

The governance function, including ensuring compliance and strategic make-or-buy decisions, is of importance. The HR and purchasing organizations work closely together as internal service providers for the specialist departments.

Based on leading practices, BearingPoint’s “Flexible Workforce” study shows the success factors for successful flexible workforce management. Read the study for more insights into flexible workforce management.

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