IT needs a makeover. Business complexity, digitalization, broader technology adoption, and increasing expectations have shifted the role IT plays. We empower CIOs to build an agile organization and a collaborative environment for sustainable business advantages and innovation. We help take the complexity out of IT. We have a proven track record of helping CIOs achieve real change in the design and delivery of IT and greater business alignment and customer satisfaction.

In today's business world, CIOs increasingly struggle with faster, more complex business needs while still facing efficiency requirements. BearingPoint’s approach starts with a thorough assessment of your IT capabilities and supports CIOs through the implementation of capability improvement initiatives. Effective IT begins with a keen understanding of business needs. BearingPoint designs IT strategies that successfully support your business strategy and sets out pragmatic steps for you to follow to structure and deliver IT efficiently for greater innovation and business value.

To build an agile organization, our clients focus on organizational structures, effective leadership, agile methods, lean processes, technology as well as product and service innovation in IT and beyond. One technology engine behind an agile organization is enterprise architecture. We drive value from enterprise architecture by incorporating BearingPoint’s architecture services into your company’s value chain.

BearingPoint provides a range of project, program and portfolio management solutions and services that can help transform your IT systems and integrate technological innovation for a competitive digital environment, while also enhancing your project and program performance and increasing the probability of their successful completion.

Together with our start-up ecosystem and strategic alliances with digital leaders, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce and Amazon, we help you to thrive in the digital world through the implementation of IT excellence.

Our services at a glance:

IT efficiency

  • Assessment of your capabilities to generate a capability heatmap
  • Build a roadmap of initiatives to improve IT efficiency

IT strategy, IT governance, IT risk, and IT compliance

  • Review and design of a business-driven IT strategy
  • Establish IT governance structure that ensures IT risk management and IT compliance

Agile transformation

  • Determine the agile maturity of your organization and establish the potential for improvements
  • Transformation into scaled agile organizations supported by agile coaching

Value focused enterprise architecture

  • Ensure your architecture approach is driven by the creation of business value and future agility
  • Maximize the benefits of IT assets and build an innovation culture to identify emerging technologies and applications to increase value creation

Managing IT costs

  • Determine the actual cost of your services and explore options to achieve significant reductions

IT transformation

  • Management of large-scale IT programs and projects
  • Assessment of existing programs

BearingPoint has extensive international experience in supporting clients that are implementing digitalization and creating an environment for growth that is innovative and cost-effective. We help CIOs enable IT to keep them competitive in the digital world.

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