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Creating greater transparency is the key to our approach. You cannot manage what you do not measure, and that is where LogEC, our leading-edge solution, comes in.

The transport sector is responsible for approximately a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions and is the second-largest source of these emissions in the EU. Moreover, transport traffic is expected to increase up to 400 percent by 2050. Stricter regulations and laws are on the way for all modes of transportation.

LogEC is officially certified to be compliant with leading standards (EN 16258 and French decree 1336). It calculates the emissions for CO2 and CO2e and offers the most accurate information in the greatest detail, automatically calculating emissions for every shipment, product or client. Interfaces to various ERP- and TMS-sytems are in place to allow a quick and efficient ramp-up. After initial set-up, there is no need for further involvement – carbon data is processed automatically and daily available. LogEC is available on premise and as a cloud service which enables you to provide worldwide access and additional services like caron-offsetting.

With the information provided by LogEC, you and your customers are able to plan, evaluate, implement and monitor green actions to reduce your environmental impact.