With Basel III, new baseline capital requirements for banks in Switzerland will come into effect of 1 January 2013, thus refining the existing Basel II framework.

In order to improve loss absorption in the future, banks are asked to deliver significantly higher and qualitatively better common equity. In terms of capital adequacy, Basel III additionally foresees liquidity coverage ratios that are to be ensured over different time horizons.

Against the backdrop of these new regulations, BearingPoint has created a poster which provides a structured overview of the new Basel III regulations. We hope that this overview is useful for your daily work, where the following questions may be relevant:

  • To which extent are you considering to adapt your business model given the future capital adequacy requirements?
  • How will you manage the sustained fulfillment of the capital adequacy requirements?
  • How do you plan to operationally monitor the required liquidity ratios (LCR and NSFR)?
  • To which extent have you already considered the clearing of OTC products via a central counterparty?

Kindly feel free to contact us should you have questions related to any aspect of the Basel III specification and implementation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be delighted to share further insights related to our Basel III transformation services and tools.

  • Basel III and Liquidity – Reinforcing the resilience of the banking sector 976.04 KB Download

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