The vast growth in data volumes and the availability of data sources allows companies to gain insights that were unheard of in the past. To date, data has been typically used in traditional data warehouses with predefined use cases that constrain users in what they can find. Data Lakes aims to enable IT affine business analysts to access larger volumes and a broader variety of data, empowering them to dig deeper into available data as well as enrich them with new data sources to find answers to more complex questions.

With massively decreasing costs for storage, and the availability of cloud-enabled Hadoop technologies, raw information of all kinds and sizes can easily and efficiently be stored, processed, analysed and enriched with metadata. Petabytes of information stored in Data Lakes can be integrated into Logical Data Warehouses, allowing for comprehensive analysis using structured and unstructured data. To use the full potential of Data Lakes, there must be descriptive meta data of high quality and the right processes to maintain it.

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