Rising customer requirements for transparency, value creation and integration increasingly demand a realignment of the portfolios of industrial service providers and a comprehensive interaction in the area of IT infrastructure.

18 internationally acting industrial services companies took part in the current Industrial Service Management Study, including operators of industrial and chemical parks as well as international industrial service providers. The motive was the significantly increased market activity of industrial service providers who want to eliminate the dominance of the site operators within the largest customer segment – chemicals & pharmaceuticals.

The Industrial Service Management Study creates transparency regarding important purchasing decision criteria of chemical and pharmaceutical customers. It provides information with a focus on the current and future degree of maturity of the providers as well as current market trends and their evolution until 2030. The results illustrate the different perceptions of the market, market trends as well as the respective positioning of the two provider groups. Both provider groups must acknowledge the adjustments necessary in their portfolios regarding transparency, integration and flexibility to adapt to the increasing demands of the customers. In conjunction with our industry expertise we provide you with our recommendations for top management in order to support a goal- and value-based business development and to promote the process orientation of your company in the wake of increasing customer needs.

In the future the results of the study and the models used are intended to allow an individual comparison of companies with the market as a whole or the relevant provider group, to identify priorities for action and to define implementation steps. Furthermore, they should act as a basis for process optimization projects. A summary of the results of the Industrial Service Management Study is available as a presentation under the link below.

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