• Dr. Ivo Furrer is one of the founding members of digitalswitzerland where he has been president since 2018. Together with companies, government, academia and the public, he drives the mission to build a platform that will make Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub. He is also a member of numerous boards of directors, including Julius Bär, Helvetia Versicherungen, responsAbility and inventx. Furthermore, he is a member of the board of the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein. Previously he was CEO of Swiss Life Schweiz. Before that, he held executive roles at Zurich Insurance, Credit Suisse and Winterthur Insurance, among others.

  • Matthias is a partner in the financial services sector, specializing in the development and implementation of technology-driven corporate transformations. His special focus is on innovation management, organizational development in the age of digitalization and the activation of sourcing potentials. In recent years, he has also been responsible for establishing a company-wide Center of Excellence for IT M&A consulting at BearingPoint. Matthias studied at the University of Freiburg and holds a diploma in physics.

  • As Partner in the area of Financial Services at BearingPoint, Claudio’s focus is on the insurance and reinsurance industry. BearingPoint’s customers include global insurance and reinsurance corporations as well as locally-based companies. He supports his clients’ initiatives to improve their business models, organizations, processes and systems in the context of digitalization and regulation.


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Management Consulting in the Digital Context

Management Consulting in the Digital Context

Digitalization has already influenced and changed the business models of many companies. Especially for management consultancies, which carry out digitization projects for their clients, the question arises how their own business model might be transformed and what implications this might have. To what extent are customers, partners and consultants affected in the flexible ecosystem and how will they react? Our guest was Dr. Ivo Furrer. He elaborated about the mission of digitalswitzerland "Making Switzerland a Leading Digital Innovation Hub. Worldwide!" and discussed with BearingPoint Partners Matthias Roeser and Claudio Stadelmann how management consultancies can contribute.

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