• Stijn (Stan) leads the company’s global product organization with a focus on driving data governance technology innovation. Prior to co-founding Collibra, Stan was a senior researcher at the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels, a leading semantic research center in Europe, where he focused on application-oriented research in semantics. Stan is a sought-after expert resource, industry speaker, and author on the topic of data governance and semantics. ​

  • Jan joined BearingPoint in 2018 to lead the technology consulting services in Belgium and to enable clients to become data centric. Jan is a highly rated analyst, consultant, speaker and author with more than 28 years of experience in the field of information architecture and information management. He has presented, moderated and taught workshops at many international conferences and user-groups meetings worldwide.

  • Tomas has been with BearingPoint since 2008 after eight years as an entrepreneur in Business Intelligence and analytical CRM solutions in Germany. With a background in Financial Services and the Automotive industry, Tomas has been managing BI/analytics projects for more than 18 years. Data driven and strategic business insight initiatives have been part of Tomas’s focus from early, on helping Swiss Financial Services customers developing and setting up their analytics platforms. Since 2017, Tomas is responsible for BearingPoint’s Big Data & Smart Analytics practice in SIA Region (Switzerland, Italy and Austria).

The Value of Data Governance
Firms across the global look up to the big technology firms that seem to build their whole business model and success around something that has been perceived to be nothing but a burden. This something has transformed itself from being an intangible subject to becoming one of the most valuable assets an organisation can own nowadays. This something is data!
But despite the realization that data has becoming a force to recon with it seems impossible to replicate the success of the few leading technology companies for many firms, let alone effectively manage their data in the first place. So, what is the secret?
In an insightful BearingPoint talk that included the CTO and Co-founder of Collibra Stijn Christiaens and two BearingPoint data experts Jan Henderyckx and Tomas Chroust, several exciting ideas were exchanged.

Data Governance – Why does it matter?
Too often a company’s ability to create more and new data points is greater than their ability to actually cope with the existing data they have. Uncontrollably creating more and more data without having a proper governance in place, is not a pathway to success and only leads to the accumulation of data management costs and compliance risks.
Instead organisations should apply the same rigorous approach to managing their human and financial assets to managing their data assets. That way you can get the most out of your data assets and enable your business to propel on the foundation of trustworthy and reliable data. That is what data governance is all about!

Big Data & the Human Element
Contrarily to the common believe, governing data effectively usually boils down to being a people issue. People take decisions on what data to capture, people ensure the proper data maintenance of data and people define processes to ensure information is trustworthy. Technology does support the process, but especially in the realm of data governance it is a mere enabler rather than a solution to data governance.
Further, it shouldn’t be up to the data scientists, data engineers and developers to define the necessary processes, roles and responsibilities to handling data assets. Rather every individual working with organisational data should contribute to this discussion. This starts of by increasing overall data literacy within an organisations so that everyone knows how best to treat, understand and work with data effectively.

BearingPoint Podcast - Get the full story
The talk on data governance include several other great topics wich help to better understand the challenges of data governance initiatives, the technology available to support the data governance journey and the next big thing to come in data governance. Data intelligence! Have a listen for yourself what the CTO of the leading data governance company has to say!


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