Business Automation describes the use of increasingly more powerful software applications to complement human beings in previously manually executed activities. In this way, the quality of services can be increased, released capacities can be profitably allocated and the costs can be structured and reduced in a targeted manner. Not only rule-based, repetitive processes but also increasingly complex operations are affected. Companies can select from a wide range of solutions and providers; besides the standard Robotic Process Automation (RPA) this now also includes cognitive computing, chat bots, machine learning as well as various forms of artificial intelligence.

The standard RPA uses «robots», which enable existing IT applications to process transactions and data as well as communicate across multiple IT systems. The user defines in detail the desired process, which is executed by the robot with a consistent quality and in accordance with regulatory or company-internal guidelines. Robot prototypes configured by BearingPoint allow cost savings of 20-30% of the initial time required to complete the corresponding processes. But as explained earlier, the current automation approaches are already more in-depth and far-reaching.

Cognitive Automation builds on the qualities of RPA, but introduces an additional level of sophistication: the ability to understand the context of a work step and to adapt the output accordingly. Artificial Intelligence can edit the rules used for information processing, depending on the context of the data and the processed workflow.  Possible applications are represented by learning virtual assistants who know the users, their data and interpret their needs.

Another prominent example are chatbots. These enable customers to communicate without limitations of fixed office hours and endless call center holding patterns. As these chatbots learn with each process, bot knowledge expand continually, and dealings with human employees will be limited to certain aspects of interaction, and indeed even these may eventually be eliminated.

BearingPoint act as a liaison between technology providers and users across industries. Our offering provides complete automation solutions. From strategy through process analysis, business case creation, process integration and technology implementation to the establishment of necessary governance or a center of excellence including best practices regarding documentation, security standards, architecture principles and guidelines, required roles, tasks, processes and templates.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Robotics (RPA) describes the use of increasingly powerful software applications to supplement humans in previously manual activities. As a result, the quality of services can be increased, freed-up capacities can be better allocated and costs can be structured and reduced in a targeted manner.
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Robotic Process Automation

Chat-bot banking is going to be just easier
The infograpic shows examples of chat-bot banking. BearingPoint provides professional services to banks and other financial institutions in international settings.
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