Are you facing a transformation project? Is your company affected by change? Would you like to improve your existing Change Management strategy? Are your transformation projects struggling with a lot of resistance?

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Dimensions of Change Management

 Stakeholder Management

Identification of affected stakeholders including their attitude towards and influence on success of the project.

Impact & Change Readiness Management

Analysis of change impact on employees, organization, processes and systems incl. continuous monitoring of change readiness.


Target group-oriented information and bi-directional communication with stakeholders across dedicated channels.


Target group-oriented training measures to ensure adaptability of stakeholders concerned.


Establishment of change «coalition» across professional and hierarchical levels to shape, support and sustain change.


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How can your Change Management become as good as you think?

Management / Executive Board 

  • Demostrate a uniform commitment within senior management to create a solid foundation of change management
  • Act as a role model and demonstate willingness to change
  • Consult team managers and strive to capture the mood of the workforce and understand the potential trigger points
  • Reflect the way employees are accompanied throughout a change process.

Team Management 

  • Empower and support the team to overcome resistance
  • Motivate employees by actively involving them
  • Ensure the team understands that change is meaningful, possible and beneficial
  • Foster a constructive feedback and trial-and-error culture
  • Collaborate across teams and departaments to overcome silo thinking.

Overall Organization 

  • Define and communicate goals
  • Ensure that goals are tangible and trackable
  • Enable and train those affected by the change
  • Consider the employees' interests, fears and expectations when initiating change
  • Assign people at different leadership levels to take owership of the transformation process.
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