During the last decade, organizations have been seeking to transform their business model by erecting the cost optimization as a primary priority. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, other critical success factors have come back in the front door, such as the organizational flexibility or the ability to promptly take appropriate decisions during crisis times to serve one purpose: ensure business continuity.

With our 360° Business Continuity Management approach, our vision is to bring organizations towards continuous improvement. We strengthen organizations’ defenses through the development of a crisis management culture, the efficiency of the organizational architecture as well as processes, and the review of IT security integrating new types of risks linked to the digitalization.

Smart Resiliency - Set up continuous improvement within organizations

In a world where uncertainty has become the norm, organizations must increase their flexibility and ability to react immediately in case of disruptive events. Moreover, organizations must learn from the past to take corrective measures to prevent the impacts of a future crisis.

  • Strategy & governance
    Define an organizational architecture and governance to establish a genuine crisis management culture within the organization
  • Risk management & evaluation
    Integrate notions of risk acceptance and the couple “cost versus risk” to identify threats burden on the business continuity
  • Implementation
    Design and implement corrective measures by leveraging technology and operational efficiency to reduce the overall risk of organizations.

Learning from the past to reinforce the resilience for upcoming crisis

Thanks to a clear methodology and by involving the entire organization, firms will improve the continuity of their processes.

  • Smart Resiliency: Organizations
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  • Smart Resiliency: Security Services
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