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As the effects of climate change increase in severity, the pressure on governments and companies to decarbonize intensifies. The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, comparable to pre-industrial levels. Decarbonization requires measuring progress and which changes have the most impact – in near/real-time. The urgency of decarbonization is reflected in upcoming regulations in Switzerland and other countries requiring companies to incorporate sustainability reporting based on the recommendations of CSRD, TCFD and GRI. However, the growing global footprint of companies, complex supply chains and stakeholder networks make it increasingly difficult to measure their impact on the planet.


We have set ambitious ESG targets for our firm and strive to give back to the planet, our people and society. BearingPoint has established processes to integrate and leverage open fragmented data silos and share real-time data within our firm, business partner network, and beyond. We know the importance of ESG commitments.

BearingPoint has set a near-term emissions reduction goal of reducing 2019 firm-wide emissions by 50% by the end of 2025.

We help companies achieve their ESG goals by ensuring they have the correct data and access to comprehensive ESG data sets and metrics. We also help them increase data quality and consistency to steer and monitor their ESG ambitions resiliently.

Benefits of the ESG Data Hub

  • Data sharing and ESG data marketplace: Improved data exchange and marketplace and highly efficient integration capabilities allow instant access to current data.
  • Technology and performance at scale: Virtually unlimited performance and cloud (data) platform scalability supports enhanced data engineering and analytics use cases.
  • Standardize data sources: Better control over data within a company, including third-party data providers, can greatly improve decision-making processes. Harmonization of reporting frameworks (e.g., CSRD, TCFD, GRI, SASB) significantly decreases the effort of producing ESG reporting.
  • Near and real-time data screening: Perform positive and negative screening on well-defined ESG criteria and increase AI augmentation and proactive monitoring and steering of the most impactful ESG KPIs.

Let us support you on your data-driven sustainability journey. Leverage the knowledge of over 5,000 BearingPoint consultants to take your ESG ambitions to new dimensions. We have experience with multiple ESG-related client projects in various industries, from financial services to manufacturing.

It’s time to control your progress toward your sustainability goals. Contact us for a live demo and learn what our solution can do for you.

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