The digital revolution has radically changed marketing activities in all areas. The definition of “marketing” is continuously changing – and becoming broader in the process.

Given this background, many marketing leaders are rethinking their roles and skills. Today, different paradigms apply to customer relations – simple market analyses or the compilation of a marketing mix are no longer sufficient to implement marketing strategies and address customer needs in a target group-oriented manner. Brand value propositions must be consistent and uniformly conveyed to customers across all touchpoints of the customers journey to achieve the highest possible differentiation and prevent migration to the competition. As information is readily available to customers globally through digitalization and new connectivity, fundamental knowledge about customer needs is required, which can be converted into effective measures.

Marketing leaders today face four major challenges:

  • They need to adapt their value proposition by focusing on customers’ needs and expectations and looking more closely at segmentation.
  • They need to increase the ROI of marketing spend – based on a segmentation approach as well as on an individual level.
  • They need to decide in real-time which messages (digital versus analogue) to send to customers via communication tools. In addition, these tools must be continuously adapted to new circumstances.
  • Conventional CRM tools are not sufficient to expand knowledge about customers more than traditional customer segmentation. Modern marketing is more precise and personalized – and requires significantly more data and information to be generated internally and externally.

How BearingPoint adds value

Our consulting services for reinventing marketing revolve around three axes:

  • If you want to generate sustainable growth, you have to find the best marketing strategy – keeping in mind that the world is changing faster than ever. The focus is on continuously observing customer needs and customer-oriented new value propositions (products, services, distribution channels, communication, digital platforms).
  • Precisely constructed marketing enablers personalize the customer approach and significantly increase the ROI of digital campaigns. Our certified consultants offer support with their digital marketing know-how (sales marketing, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe Campaign).
  • By integrating the right marketing automation tools, costs decrease and the number of leads increases. This way, marketing performance can be significantly increased, maximizing a company’s overall performance. You can identify user behavior and define the best marketing incentives with our customer-centric approach. 

Customer Experience

In our highly connected world, customers can switch from one provider to another in a second. The result is an increasing level of customer expectations not only regarding the products and services offered but also the experience. The experience must be efficient, intelligent, connected, seamless, personalized, surprising and innovative!

Providing a “good” customer experience is not only a necessity but also a business driver:

  • It contributes to revenue growth: customers who rate a company’s customer experience as “good” are 34% more likely to buy more.

  • It provides a competitive advantage: customers who think a company has “very good” customer service are 64% more likely to try new offerings.

Beyond delivering experiences, companies need to engage their customers to generate loyalty. Key factors for engagement are the match between brand image and customer expectations as well as the sustainability of customer relationships. Customer engagement is measurable thanks to new methods.

Our approach

To design an entirely new customer experience, we bring together an ecosystem of specialized teams, key technology partners and innovative start-ups. Together we will propose a unique end-to-end approach, including:

  • Co-creating customer experience strategies – specialized designers and experts will help you transform your customer-centric activities into market differentiators.
  • Changing to a customer-centric culture – leverage our international benchmarks and studies on customers that will help you establish governance and best practices.
  • Transforming to a customer experience operating model – use our eight-dimensional maturity model to exceed market standards.
  • Leveraging customer data – Implement a customer experience management platform to put related insights at the heart of your decision-making process.
  • Improving product intelligence – Implement a product experience management platform to enrich your omnichannel experience.

Our services include essential offerings such as:

  • Defining the customer experience strategy and the associated implementation of the customer experience cockpit and pilot performance.
  • Transforming the customer and employee journeys through service design methodologies.
  • “Voice of Customer” analysis and integration into business management and organization.
  • Customer service transformation, which includes identifying new roles for contact centers and ways to transform them into profit centers.
  • Product experience management, scoping and building and implementing related platforms.

Expected value of impact (qualitative/quantitative)

  • Development of revenue/loyalty based on differentiation of customer and product experiences
  • Growth through appropriate services/product offerings with customer base expectations
  • Workforce alignment and engagement through employee experience programs
  • Significant cost reduction through optimization of costs to serve

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